Kitchen & Bath


The Project

This expansive outdated brick ranch was purchased by an amazing large family and I was referred to this project by a local realtor for this family who desperately needed my help. The layout of the kitchen, master bath, and master closet was not functional and was in dire need of an update. The transformation of these spaces were some of the most transformative of my career. By the end of the project, I had new family friends for life and an extremely happy and satisfied realtor friend as well.


This large kitchen space was amazingly updated with a slightly expanded footprint and now houses a completely new cabinet layout, new appliances, new countertops, new lighting, new barstools and is perfect for large family gatherings as well as entertaining large crowds.

Master Bath/Master Closet:

This space was completely gutted and the layout changed. What originally housed a dark cramped closet is now a large and bright spa-like master shower. The master vanity has been expanded with lots of storage and additional countertop space. A large soaking tub with beautiful lighting above completes the space and offers some much needed relaxation for this busy homeschooling Mom. The Master Closet was repositioned to an adjoining unused small dining room and has given my clients the closet of their dreams, full of storage and organization.